SL-videomaking & photography is a “video boutique” where any of our videos is based on the  customers, an tailor made on the message, on the audience. We model the light in the studio with the most varied equipment, we control it in the location with the wealth of those who know it well, cold and sharp at dawn, warm and enveloping at sunset, diffused and soft on a day of overcast, the service of atmospheres Engaging and exciting for the Spectator. The aesthetic sense and the cinematic narrative come together. SL videomaking & Photography is born from an idea of Stefano Lunardi, award-winning and experienced international photographer, already a photojournalist for the most prestigious magazines and then advertising photographer and filmmaker for some years. In the photographic field Stefano has obtained several awards and international prizes and with twenty years of experience it was easy to apply also in the video field its capabilities of light management and effective framing.  The new brand is aimed at all business needs for promotion and marketing and is made up of more professionals, Marco, Max, Giovanna, Tina, experts from various sectors from the special effects to marketing, that allow to show up on the market as a team able to make every kind of video and photographic project required.  The stories are our passion and tell them to make your customers passionate is our goal.

About us


Video story telling, corporate, commercial videos, for the web, aerial footage with different drone solutions and special underwater shooting.

Infineon villach, Cantine Blasig, Castello di Spessa Resort, Cimolai Group, Edgen Murray, Costa Crociere, Alpitour, Venchi Cioccolato, De Longhi, Calligaris, Warmbad Therme, FX Mayer Hotel&Wellness, One Clinic, Bruenner Zahnart, Monkey Circus Velden, Andiamo Men Club, Klaxon Mobility, Q8, Despar, Minin Group, Fvg tourism board, Gelaterie Mu, Kapsch Klagenfurt, etc..



Enrich your communication plan, create your own editorial plan of video stories, make professional videos for your company and reach your marketing goals with SL-Filmaking & Photography.

Communicating with videos strengthens the relationship between brand and user.


According to Forbes, in fact, 44% of people are more likely to get involved in the relationship with the brand if it shares "video" content and, according to HubSpot, the posts with videos are shared, on Facebook, on average, 12 times more compared to text-only posts.


Few companies, however, have understood this and strategically exploit the potential of the "visual" channels to make corporate storytelling and build, through images, their corporate image.

Thanks to our professionalism and experience in the field of visual communication we can create for you institutional or editorial videos and how it can help you tell your brand or your product.


In details:

  •  • Institutional videos tell your company in all its winning aspects: philosophy, characteristics, tradition, quality and dynamism. They can create a reportage of the entire production cycle, bearing witness to the value of Made in Italy.

  •  • wedding movie, we tell yoour special day in a cinematic style.

  •  • Videos for business meetings, fairs and events are high-impact videos, designed to capture the user's attention. In a few seconds they have to tell your story and your product.